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Branding began as an exercise of differentiation, but over time has evolved into a more significant aspect of marketing and advertising.

People assume branding agencies just come up with a logo unit. But that’s not the case. People also assume that a logo unit is relatively easy to create (almost a no-brainer) – but that isn’t the case either!

So what does a Brand promotion company do?
The font, colours, typography, abstract elements, design, placement; all make up the logo – an element of branding. Branding agencies know that each of these things has a psychological and visual impact on your audience, which can either help them fall in love with you, or disregard your existence altogether.

Then come the collaterals : Your letterheads, business cards and other stationary.

The colours and fonts you chose can evolve to become the theme of your (work)space and even your business. Every little aspect of your identity eventually helps shape up your brand, setting you apart from the rest whilst keeping you interesting and relevant.

A brand promotion company will ensure that once the physical appearance of your brand has been set, they move on to its personality. Each industry, and every brand within the industry has their own significant tone of communication. While some like to adapt to the popular culture and use slapstick, witty communication, others like to keep it classy and contemporary with formal communication.

How your brand presents itself online impacts the kind of audience it will pull. It also affects the way people perceive your product and/or service. This is why setting an identity in place is so important.

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With the advent of digital marketing, it has become even more important to stick with a tone of communication since you are communicating with your audience on a regular basis via social networking websites (there is no escape from doing so – regular communication ensures you stay relevant). The kind of language you use, the kind of tone you adopt – all play an equally important role in setting you apart. Switching between tones can make your brand look inconsistent and can confuse your audience.

Keeping your product/service in mind, we can help you figure out what kind of communication works best for you and we’ll back it up with logic too!

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