Digital marketing excels when it can deliver the right messages to a customer at the right time. To do that requires knowing the customer. And it requires the capacity to deliver appropriate content to them. Using marketing automation, companies can respond to a specific customer need -- at the time when customers will find the information most valuable

Customized content is chosen or assembled that’s personalized to specific buyer personas or scenarios. More targeted delivery of content is possible, by selecting appropriate channels, timing the delivery, and scheduling follow-up actions.

The Next Big Thing employs best-in-class technology to support marketing automation. Marketing automation success also depends on good judgment and methodological follow up.

You must think like the customer you are trying to reach. You must fine-tune your approach, reviewing analytics to discover the most effective sequence and timing. The Next Big Thing brings a thoughtful and rigorous approach, so you don’t get burned by hyped promises that fail to deliver.

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