Search Engine Optimization

SEO seems like one of those abbreviations that marketing experts often harp on about, but what is it really?
It’s making sure none of the efforts you have put into marketing your business or brand, and product or service, go to waste. We can lend you our expertise on the matter.

What an SEO Agency can do for you
Your audience often uses key phrases when looking for a particular product or service via Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. These specific phrases or terms are often referred to as keywords.
Search Engines often sift through content on your website or web page and list your website according to the number of relevant keywords present for the specific search term or keywords. Why?

Defining the role of an SEO Company
When your potential audience is looking for you (or rather a service or product that you offer), they use a very particular set of phrases or keywords on the search engine. As more and more people start to search with the same phrase, the search engine starts to rank this phrase as one with “high search volume”. For your better understanding, here’s how SEO works:

Step 1: Keyword Analysis
We start by using various tools to determine these keywords and try to infuse them in the content on your website. Usually, these keywords encompass product or service USPs, characteristics or features, which is why people use these terms when looking. Using them in your content leads the Search Engine Algorithm to assume that your product/service is an ideal match – which leads to a good ranking on the results page. Think of it this way, your potential customers want a specific something, your website looks like it’s got that specific something – so it gets recommended. SEO agencies delve deeper into ensuring you are making the most of your website.

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Step 2: Competition Analysis
There’s a reason the websites that are ranking on Search Engines are up there. We go through their content as well to understand what works best in your industry.

Step 3: On page optimisation
Search Engines don’t only rank websites on the basis of keywords used. The structuring of content also plays a major role. Our team ensures that your website fulfils all the necessary criteria such as Title, Headings, Page Speed, URL Structure, Schema, etc. so that your website performs well across. Already have a website, but aren’t sure if it’s solving your purpose? We’ll conduct a Website Audit for you to determine any problem areas within the content, structure, graphics and images. As it is with everything else, it becomes fairly easier to tackle issues when you know where they rise from. Any of the aforementioned issues could be the reason for a high bounce rate, drop in conversions or problems with landing on your website altogether.

Step 4: Link Building
We recommend link building in the final stages - when we’re really trying to seal the deal. It’s an extra step but it helps your website rank and perform - which helps build credibility for your brand. As other websites start to use content and links from your site, your content gains trust and credibility from them, allowing Search Engine Algorithms to further push your website as the right source for a particular information, product or service. The scope for SEO is virtually boundless, however, it is a process that takes time and patience. Ready to build your website with us?

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