Growth Hacking using Content: Customer Attraction

Customer attraction Growth

Growth Hacking using Content: Customer Attraction

(Law of attraction is the essence of marketing)
(Are your customer’s thinking about your brand?)
Chances are, your future customers aren’t yet searching for information about your brand. They aren’t yet thinking about brands. They are thinking about their lives. How you fit into their lives isn’t yet their main concern. Before anyone becomes a customer of your brand, you first need to attract their interest. You need something to say they’ll care about. Attraction can seem mysterious. Startups, in particular, have a strong need to attract and build interest. They want to interest in their product to grow.

To attract more prospects, startups will want to:

  1. Understand the motivations of customers that lead to attention.
  2. Understand some key indicators of customer attraction.

During the attraction phase, prospects can be cautious, hesitant to make commitments. They first want to explore their needs and desires. They need to feel they can trust a brand before they will spend money with them. That’s especially true when they encounter startup brands they don’t know.

For their part, startups need to woo prospects without burning too much cash. Incentives and ads are costly and push the cost of acquiring customers too high.

Content is a critical tool to woo prospects cost-effectively.

Attraction from the Customer’s Perspective

Attraction happens…

  • …when a prospect becomes aware of what your brand has to say…
  • …about a situation that matters to them.

Content that attracts interest will build awareness of a brand.

Your future customer doesn’t see themselves as a lead. They are someone looking for information. They are browsing content that seems interesting.

What is interesting to prospects? It’s content that seems interested in them. Interesting content is relevant and rewarding.

What Customers Consider Relevant

Prospects want content that helps them understand their current situation better. Relevant content answers why the prospect’s situation is how it is. Do they have a problem? Is it serious? Do they have an opportunity? Is it possible?

Relevant content addresses what a prospect may need to change. As we all know, making changes can be hard. Inertia holds us back. Learning something new takes effort.

Your content needs to make a change appealing. Prospects should feel rewarded when viewing your content.

A prospect starts off researching the nature of their situation. They slowly start to form an opinion about their situation.

Perhaps they will type some keywords into Google.

They may search on terms like:

    1. Optimize
    2. Prevent
    3. Fix
    4. Upgrade
    5. Risk
    6. Issue
    7. Resolve
    8. Improve
    9. Reduce or increase.

They may seek to understand market trends. Or explore monetary or time benefits of making a change in their lives or business.

They may listen to stories. Try quizzes. Scan explanatory graphics.

Is your content part of their journey?

Or will they pay attention to content created by others?

Growth hacking success requires understanding the mindset of prospective customers. Before a prospect commits to your product, your brand needs to show it is committed to their success.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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