Digital Marketing Today – The E-Commerce Revolution

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Digital Marketing Today – The E-Commerce Revolution

Excerpt: Yes the advent of the internet has changed everything, but even advertising and marketing are nothing like they used to be!

Essentially advertising and marketing go way back. They originated as a means to let people know about the existence of a product or service and as a way to attract more customers.

The “mad men” of Madison Avenue had taken the millennium by storm, marking a turning point in the industry – transforming advertising into the magnificent wonder that we all know it for.

Then came the advent of the World Wide Web, bombarding us with more information than we had the capacity to process, and creating a whole new dimension for the marketing and advertising industries. Digital marketing came into the fold almost immediately but it wasn’t until the revelation of Google that it really started to boom.

The Turning Point

Google turned the tables with online advertising and marketing as no one has.

With the capability to target and track audience location, demographic, and then have advertisements follow the potential consumer around wherever they virtually went – it was all new; it was a game-changer!

Rather than just putting out advertisements on television or in the newspaper, service providers can now track and tell exactly how effective their marketing techniques are with the help of their Digital Marketing Strategy. This has helped debunk many myths and set the stage for innumerable new practices.

The New Business Model

This has also given way to a whole business model – the online kind. Gone are the days when e-commerce was only an offshoot of a physical business. Today we see a business that is entirely born and brought up online – with absolutely no intention of going offline, and they seem to be doing better than the conventional stores and businesses.

These businesses heavily rely on digital marketing and advertising services to promote their business and products, and even to gauge how they are doing; what demographic of audience they are most relevant to and how to outsmart their competitors.

The numbers that Google uses to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing and advertising campaigns are often backed by terms like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, Retargeting and Remarketing and the like. Efficient Digital Marketing Services have altered the practice of advertising and marketing, turning it into a crafty amalgamation of art and science – The art of finding and using suitable communication on the right medium, and the science of honing an ad with the perfect concoction of keywords and visuals.

Online businesses spend scores of time and money analyzing this data and coming up with the right kind of content to back and reinforce their stature online.

As we continue to delve deeper into the realm of digital advertising, we realize that the fundamentals still remain the same. However, attention spans have lessened.

Even though these businesses sell the same products and services, they now need articles with click-bait headlines, catchy copy lines, hashtags, meta-tags and mentions to be seen and heard at the right time.

Digital marketing has also given rise to a breed of the so-called “influencers”. After all, we’re human and no matter how many digital relationships we forge, a human touch will always add a value that cannot be replicated by anything else. Tying up with an influencer is the newest fad and a sure-shot way to ensure your online business becomes all the rage.

Although much of the success of such business models rely on them being the readily available option and the convenience of having whatever you need to be delivered to your doorstep, it is baffling how integral digital marketing has become to this process.

It is interesting to see where we will land while we tread on this ingenious and ever-changing path that digital marketing has laid out for our industry, and the world of trade and commerce.

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