Top 20+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost your Website Traffic

Top 20+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost your Website Traffic

Top 20+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites for Link Building

Digital marketing has already taken over the internet by storm. At the pace at which development occurs in this arena, there is a new update and/or trend that pops up every day.
Companies and their digital marketing strategists alike keep thinking of innovative ways to keep their business in the limelight of the cyber world in every possible way.
One such effective and yet underused aspect of the cyber world is social bookmarking. It could be used for digital marketing that optimises search engine for one’s website.
Let’s take a deeper dive and look at it step-by-step.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an online service that lets you save or store (bookmark) a website or link. These online services store the links in a cloud thus making it easy for the user to access these links whenever, wherever.
These sites are social platforms and are thus accessible to be viewed by other users as well, hence the name social bookmarking – where one bookmarks links on a social platform. Here is the few Social bookmarking sites list

Why use social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can be used for various reasons. The common ones include to save, organise, retrieve and share the links that one may want to use for future references and to share with their social circle.
But, social bookmarking can play a huge role in the search engine optimization of websites through backlinking vis a vis digital marketing too!
Most of the top social bookmarking sites have a lot of users thus providing very high PR. This ensures quality backlinking.
Submitting and saving your blog links or websites in high PR social bookmarking sites increases the chances of your content going viral. It increases your domain authority.
Social bookmarking is the most effective method to index your websites and blog posts to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Top 20+ Social bookmarking sites:


The most commonly used social bookmarking site- it has over 175 Million users out of which 80% are estimated to be female.
Users ‘pin’ their favourite links to their profiles which are up for reference for other people. Over 50 billion pins are now up on Pinterest.
Pinterest has ‘Pinboards’ that can be categorised and organised as per our convenience. These categorised pinboards have their own URL, making it easier to share it anywhere.
Users can go through images and videos that are pinned on these pinboards. They can also repin it to their own pinboards, which would be a link redirecting to the original pinboard that had the post pinned.
Additionally, one can also like and comment on these pins. One can also add the hashtag, or the dollar sign to add a searchable tag to the pins and price tags.


The most preferred social bookmarking site by creative professionals, especially designers. Dribble is a good social bookmarking site to get some inspiration and also to drive some traffic to your page.
Dribble, in short, is a culmination of Instagram and Twitter.
It is a visual idea-sharing platform where users can rebound the images to something similar to their own, and the usual like and comment. Some users even use Dribble as their online portfolio that enables them to get jobs.


One of the most user-friendly social bookmarking sites, true to its name, you can be sure to find your bookmarked sites in Pocket, even when you do not have internet access.
You can save anything from the internet or social media.
It can store articles by downloading them into your app, thus enabling you to bookmark, save and refer from anything, anytime, anywhere. While saving the article, Pocket has various took that enable you to collect pieces quickly without any hindrance.
You can use Pocket by downloading the app on your phone or adding an extension to your desktop.


Reddit has a huge following there is literally nothing that is not discussed here. Content gets generated with comments, upvotes and downvotes, and forms a thread of its own.
Once a user signs up to Reddit they can submit any link that bookmarks them. Usually, they are categorised based on the content and the audience with similar interests upvote, comment and keep the thread going.
A social bookmark that gets value-added from every user!


One may not immediately think of Twitter as a social bookmarking site, but when you think of it, a major chunk of content that goes out on Twitter are links thus acting as a social bookmarking site.
With its user base, Twitter is one of the biggest social bookmarking websites.


A social bookmarking site for software developers to bookmark web pages with specific tags and keywords.
Here, the authors of the article can only publish original works. It should be a minimum of 300 words and must be related only to software development.
Plagiarised content will not be permitted to be posted. Codes, HTML sequence, etc can also be shared on the site. The articles are also subjected to edits by the moderating team of D zone.
Regardless of where you are in the process of learning software development, you will get all sorts of content and references, all on one site!


This is a social bookmarking website for business-related bookmarking of sites. From technological advancements, news and tips, you get everything and get to store everything on this website.
Anyone could post articles with regards to their business, general business, or market but the content has to be original.
You can share 3 articles in a period of 24 hours. You can engage with the business community, with quality and healthy debates in the form of comments on articles.
The more you engage with people on your post, the more it reaches people. This drives a lot of traffic to your website if the blogs you are posting are linked to the company website.

Meta Filter:

A community web blog where people share their favourite web pages with over 600 thousand users, Meta Filter is another user favourite social bookmarking website.
Content in Metafilter in MetaFilter is to encourage conversation on the topics. You cannot self promote yourself effectively here. What can be done is provide effective and useful comments on the posts you come across that will direct people to your profile.
Users get to vote and comment on the various content that gets posted onto the site based on their preference.


What sets Folkd apart from the rest of the social bookmarking sites is its unique search feature that not only lets you search in categories but also shows results in order of quality content. The more saves a particular content/site gets, the higher its rank on the social search.
One can search for a particular topic, and if you like the website or link that comes up, you can ‘star’ it or ‘Folkd’ it to bookmark the website link for your reference.
This will be available in a section called ‘Your own links’. Folkd also has an extension that is compatible with Firefox that makes bookmarking from searches on search engines easier.


A social bookmarking site that has been in existence since 2001, Linkagogo has dynamic toolbars that help you save, view and share your favourite sites on the platform.
You can also adapt the presentation of the bookmarks you have stored. Lists, text-based, colours, turbo mode, there are various ways to categorise your bookmarks. There is also a feature where you can synchronise your bookmarks and also ask the app to remind you to read the stored bookmarks.


Founded in 2007, Tumblr is a prominent traffic-driving source for blogs and bloggers. This microblogging site with 19,271,065 posts, allows millions of people in millions of communities across millions of #tags can read, share, post and create content.
With estimated traffic of 336.07M, social bookmarking here is bound to create traction for your website. Users can post multimedia content in the form of short form blogs thus the page acts as a social media platform for blogs.


An online publishing platform, Medium boasts of being a customisable reading experience. Its great network enables users to read, engage and follow stories, topics and writers of their liking.
With estimated traffic of 173.15M, Medium is a great place to interact with your target audience.
Detailed pieces regarding the latest developments, interactions, achievements and more are a great way to start off.


Quora is a multipurpose tool for its users. The websites primary function being – a social platform to ask, discuss and engage over all things under the sun, it also acts as a great place to start your social bookmarking activities.
Discussions involving relevant topics are aplenty and traffic driven spikes up to 528.57M.


Another microblogging website, Plurk is a social networking platform that functions a little like twitter. This social bookmarking site has been around for 11 years and serves as a great way to circulate information, news and updates.


Classified as an addictive social bookmarking site, Digg is a news aggregator. Bringing an array of unique and relevant content, the platform allows interaction with a highly engaged audience.

Initially, just a content curation service, has diversified into lean content marketing, making them a unique platform for social bookmarking. With 3.10M traffic on the website, businesses and individuals alike use it to engage with and reveal new content.


Classified as a social news website, Slashdot enables users to post news about technology, politics and science. The content showcased on the website is moderated by site users and editors.
If you’re a tech brand looking to grab eyeballs with social bookmarking, no better place to start than here!


A news aggregator, community website, allows users to upload articles of interest and invite discussion. A splendid way to get the world buzzing about you if you ask us.


Diigo is the virtual version of a library – allowing users to bookmark, tag, compile, save and archive web pages of interest and relevance. A sure shot method for users to not lose sight of websites and URLs they find interesting and informative.

Mix (Stumbleupon):

A content curation website that lets users collect articles and content that is specific to their interest. It then shares the same with like-minded people. A good way to reach out to a relevant audience.

Are you targeting research junkies? Bibsonomy is the place to start with your social bookmarking activities. Manage publications, bookmarks and collaborations all at one place!


Be accessible anywhere, anytime with Instapaper. This social bookmarking website lets users save the content so it can be accessed later through any device. With estimated traffic of 1.05 M, the site can be a great way to engage users.


A stream oriented social network service, Ttlink can be installed via the StatusNet software so you can make groups, and share privately with those groups. Making information available to a wider audience via a greater networking system, Ttlink is a powerful social bookmarking tool.


An actual social bookmarking system, Youmob grants subscribers to get alerted as new bookmarks are saved, shared and/or tagged. The website also boosts your URLs by webbing with other social bookmarks and helping foster partnerships.


If you’re looking to amp up domain authority, Mozylinks is the website for you. Save and send links for offline reading. Vote and review content posted by you and others. Mozylinks is one of the best social bookmarking websites to consider.

How to do effective social bookmarking?

It is very crucial to use the right social bookmarking site to save your link. You must understand their rules of posting (Example: Reddit) and also the categorisation of your link and compatible social bookmarking sites for its publication.
To maintain the right amount of traction to your profile, it needs to be consistently maintained with good quality content. One must constantly post, share, upvote and comment on the content of similar characteristics to attract the right audience to your profile.

Be very creative with the titles and taglines, unless it is a specific content website. Most social bookmarking sites have profiles that are highly innovative and your profile needs to be at par.
Use the right hashtags. Tag words and keywords wisely, and choose the category to ensure a quality audience is gained towards your profile.

The digital universe is filled with possibilities still unknown! Using the right tool and medium at the right time could go a long way for your brand, and it all comes down to strategic planning of the same.
Social bookmarking is one such tool.
Even as many people use it for entertainment and leisure, effective targeting can be achieved even for businesses if done right.
What are some of your favourite social bookmarking sites? Let us know in the comments below.

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