Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Marketing in the digital age takes more than just market research and crafty product advertisements. Consumer behaviour has had a drastic change in the past couple of decades.
A rapidly growing number of consumers are now not only doing their shopping online but also spending a lot of their time on virtual platforms developing only social media interactions which significantly affects their socialization.
This is why any company trying to make its place in the modern market, be it online or offline, has had to put in time and effort in what is now popularly called digital marketing.

Digital marketing ideally encompasses brand promotion and advertisements through various digital channels.
Not only is digital marketing the need of the hour, but its use of digital channels helps companies ensure that they are actually able to reach out their target audience rather than just a random group of consumers.
Here’s a list of the top 5 digital marketing trends that are doing the rounds in 2019:

Video marketing:

As most of the consumers are now glued to their smartphone screens while about a hundred things grab their attention at once, video marketing is quite possibly one of the most affecting channels as far as digital marketing is concerned.
With corporate giants like Facebook and Google actively promoting video marketing, this is definitely not going outdated any time soon.
One of the most popular forms of video marketing is currently the super-short video ads that started trending in 2018 as Google launched Youtube’s bumper ads. With the attention spans of consumers growing shorter every day, these 6 second ads got the job done just as quickly.
Vlogging is another form of video marketing that is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, as it seems to give the audience a real sense of things.

Social media stories:

Started off first by Snapchat in 2013 and then taken on by Instagram in 2016, all the major media giants like Facebook, Google and WhatsApp have embraced the story format, and for good reasons.
The story format lets the user feel like they are part of the marketer’s daily lives and it offers more spontaneity than the highly structured, picture-perfect posts we see on our feeds.
While the 24-hour lifespan of stories can certainly be a risk when it comes to marketing strategy, it also offers a better reach out to the audience as you see stories every time you are actually active on the said platform.

Visual search:

Visual search functionality is the latest in the technological arsenal and now being built into Pinterest, Bing, Google and Amazon- names in a list that is only going to grow longer in the next 3 years.
Visual search not only makes shopping easier but also more specific, as you put in a specific image in the search bar rather than a wide-ranged keyword – perfect for industries like fashion or home décor that can offer a more customized browsing experience based on the customer’s preferences

Voice Search and Smart Speakers:

Voice search and smart speakers are relatively new when it comes to digital marketing, but they still have a considerable growth thanks to smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home that you can put in any corner of your home.
Voice-controlled technology is still testing the waters, but voice search on smartphones have a significant user base where all you need to do is speak to your phone.
However, not only there is no option of a search engine on any of the smart speakers, as of now it also seems to offer limited usage as compared to smartphones.

Influencer Marketing:

This strategy is intended at specific target groups to begin with, where brands focus on certain influential people to advertise their products to their respective followers.
Given the influence of social media, influencer marketing is powerful without being too invasive. Advertisers pick certain people (on mostly Instagram and YouTube) with high credibility and salesmanship and pay them to advertise on the brand’s behalf.
While there is no doubt that we are going to witness the rise of more innovative technologies that are to be used in digital marketing, the fundamental principles of marketing have not changed too drastically.

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The focus still remains on adequate market research and identifying the target audience to sell products to.
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