Top 9 Influencer Research Tools

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Top 9 Influencer Research Tools

A catchy caption, an HD quality creative and the right SEO keywords. These elements mostly enable your online posts to reach and attract your target audience. But how do you persuade them to buy from or engage in your online business? This is where a social-media influencer – a person who is popular on social media due to his/ her authority over or knowledge about a particular field – comes in handy. How to get an influencer perfect for your business?

Here are the top 9 influencer research tools:

Hey Press:

Being the foundation of the fourth pillar of the society, journalists and journals have a great influence in opinion building and generating trust. With Hey Press you can find tech-savvy journalists who often report on topics/ fields/ products that you deal with. You also get instant access to all the relevant articles written by them and their contact information as well.


It helps you find influencers based on many filters such as activity frequency, location, etc. The bonus is that this influencer research tool also tells you the topics that are trending all over the world and also subjects that your rival-companies are posting about.

Follower Wonk:

Are you a start-up, tight on funds? Follower Wonk is a free influencer research tool that helps you find the profiles and activities of suitable influencers on Twitter along with a detailed analysis of your Twitter followers and a comparative study of the audiences of different topics or influencers.

Get Little Bird:

Being an offshoot of the famous social media management platform – Sprinklr – Little Bird helps spot influencers and offers tips on how you can improve your social media influence and online marketing.


This influencer research tool lets you discover appropriate social media influencers and also offers you an insight into their online work (blogs, etc.) in relation to your keywords and area of business.


If you want to get the maximum out of influencer marketing, then Ninja Outreach provides you with an array of influencers from over millions of websites, content management platforms, Twitter and even Instagram.


As the name suggests, it not only makes you aware of influencers and trends but also facilitates customer engagement, reputation management and tracking of competitors.


Found your social media influencer but clueless about how to get in touch? Hunter literally helps you hunt down a direct contact medium to get in touch with your desired influencers.


Apart from investigating your competitors and connecting you with influencers, this influencer research tool helps to connect with new followers via the influencers.

What a celebrity brand-ambassador is to a product, an influencer is to your online business. Move your online business to new heights by searching your ideal influencer now!

If you’re looking influencers in content marketing, be sure to check out this extensive list published by of content marketing influencers you must follow!

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