SEMrush: The SEO Toolkit that can change the game!

SEMrush: The SEO Toolkit that can change the game!

SEMrush: The SEO Toolkit that can change the game!

If you’ve got a business – any kind of business, chances are you already in a tryst with digital marketing. The first and foremost battle that often needs to be won when it comes to digital marketing is that of being seen by your target audience. With the vast array of competitors, SERPs are filled with choices to spoil your customers.

SEO is one such digital marketing activity that can help solve this problem and help your business website scale up on SERPs.

The established and extremely efficient toolkit for marketing, SEMrush comprises of over 25 tools that can help content marketers & creators, web developers, SMM and PPC specialists, and brand managers stay on top of their SEO game.

Their tools are segregated on the basis of what SEO function you need help with. Let’s have a look at them all.

Competition Analysis

The first step towards building a robust digital marketing plan is to identify and be aware of the competition. Not only does this step educate you about your position it also helps you identify the tips & tricks (read: keywords) that they might be banking on to get good results.

SEMrush toolkits can help with analysis on:

  • Domain Overview
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Gap
  • Backlink Gap

Let’s delve a little deeper into these individually:

What is Domain Overview?

Get details about any domain’s organic and paid search traffic, use of display advertising, and backlinks. SEMrush’s modules allow you to jump into specific reports for better understanding and a full picture of any website’s presence.

You can view engagement metrics, keyword performance and even keywords you have in common with your competition.

Domain overview can help you keep track of the position of your website on SERPS, cost per click and the search volume of the keywords you’re using.

These are the metrics that determine traffic on your website and having all these metrics laid out in front of you puts you in control of your website’s performance.

What is Traffic Analysis?

We’re no strangers to instances where we have targeted a specific audience and realised later that there are other segments that we can tap into, relatively scaling our target audience and helping us drive more results.

Traffic analysis can help you understand the behaviour of your target audience as well as others. It helps you see how people are reacting to your content and ads so you can optimise it further for best results.

SEMrush’s Traffic Analysis collates data from 60+ search engines for accurate analysis and action.

What is Organic Research?

Organic Research is trend-based. This report allows you to delve into the details of which keywords are naturally doing well and performing. It also informs you about position changes of your website pages on SERPs along with a list of competing URLs.

What is Keyword Gap?

Keyword indexing got you perplexed? The Keyword Gap analysis can show you exactly where you’re lagging. It compares your website with that of your top five competitors. This helps identify missing keywords and chalks out areas that need improvement on your website clearly for you to take action.

Discover similarities and differences between keyword portfolios.

You can even use filters to sort data by specific keywords, Position, Volume, CPC, Competition, or the number of search results.

What is Backlink Gap?

Backlinking is a known SEO practice that helps websites scale on SERPs. The Backlink Gap feature on SEMrush Toolkit allows you to compare the number of referring domains with that of your competing websites.

By identifying missing links and determining the domain authority of different URLs on your website, you can work quickly on your outreach strategies to build more backlinks!

Keyword Research

All effective campaigns are laced with search terms that target the right audience. Core keywords or long-tail keywords that are specific to your site’s content can help manifold in this regard.

Finding keywords that are not too competitive yet pack enough volume to drive traffic to your website is what’s crucial.

SEMrush toolkits can help with analysis on:

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Organic Traffic Insights

What is Keyword Overview?

There’s plenty of keywords in the SERPs ocean but only a few will prove fruitful to your business. Well, how does one analyse and arrive at those precious keywords? A and B testing? Keyword research? Thank God for SEMrush’s Toolkit, or you’d be doing exactly that and wasting months trying to figure it all out.

The Keyword Overview on the toolkit generates reports on keywords. Just type your keyword or phrase in the search bar and watch the magic happen.

The toolkit generates keyword volume, number of results, CPC, Competition level, trends, and more, so you can understand in a jiffy which ones you should be targeting.

Make valuable additions to your SEO campaigns with Keyword Overview.

What is Keyword Magic Tool?

Ranking on SERPs takes a whole lot of effort, time and keywords. SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool can help give your content marketing a head start by creating an extended keyword database with global keyword research possibilities.

SEMrush is a powerful research tool with 10.6 billion keyword database.

It will even determine the keyword difficulty and automatically group target keywords into subgroups by topic.

You can filter out results to show you keywords and phrases, or even find keywords that ask questions.

Explore niche topics and find semantically related long-tail keywords. Build master lists of keywords that will work for your digital marketing efforts with the Keyword Magic Tool!

What is Keyword Difficulty?

When it comes to SEO, it only makes sense to set realistic targets that you can achieve within a reasonably stipulated time. This also ensures you’re not overselling the SEO aspect to clients.

The Keyword Difficulty tool on SEMrush helps you with your keyword research. It helps estimate how hard it will be to use SEO to scale webpage from your website to the top ranks on search engines, to hypothetically outrank other pages that are currently ranking on the first two pages of Google.

Instant difficulty calculations of up to 100 keywords at a time.

This tool helps you identify keywords that are being currently used on the featured spot of search engines so you can choose how to incorporate them into your website and improve your chances of getting listed on the first two results pages.

What are Organic Traffic Insights?

Staying on top their Keyword Portfolio is something every SEO specialist strives for but, frustratingly Google Analytics often hides the keywords your website is indexed for.

SEMrush’s Organic Traffic Insights ensures all your content marketing efforts don’t go to waste. It combines your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush data all into a single dashboard, so you won’t have to base your SEO on guesstimation.

This integration allows you to quickly cross-reference data sources to scale your website’s overall organic search performance. With SEMrush you can also connect Google Search Console and merge the data from Google’s tools in one report. This helps to filter and sort by various metrics.

Link Building

Backlinks from authoritative websites signal SERPs regarding the quality of your content and consequently raise your chances of winning high ranks in search results. Although widely beneficial, the activity can be tricky for beginners.

SEMrush’s tool can help boost your website’s SEO-friendliness and help you build campaigns, analyse and audit your existing backlinks for the best quality links.

SEMrush toolkits can help with analysis on:

  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building Tool
  • Bulk Analysis

What is Backlink Analytics?

It’s not easy to get a backlink, but it is even harder to maintain them. A strong backlink portfolio is one of the most crucial factors of SEO & content marketing strategy success and that’s where SEMrush’s Backlink Analytics will come in handy.

A comprehensive analysis of your current web pages will show you where you stand and constant reviewing will help you understand areas that need improvement.

The Backlink Analytics allows you to compare your backlink portfolio with that of your competitors, opening up new opportunities and insights for you to build an audience.

Semrush’s updated database ensures you can monitor any new and lost links within no more than two weeks from being created or removed. It can also help identify suspicious or toxic links that could potentially lead to a Google Penalty.

What is Backlink Audit?

Backlinking requires constant monitoring and detecting of potentially harmful backlinks that may be putting you at risk of a penalty. All your marketing efforts can go to waste if this happens.

SEMrush’s Backlink Audit looks at your domain’s backlink profile and provides a workflow to audit all of your links, analyze the toxic signals associated with any suspicious links, send emails to website owners, and ultimately create a disavow file of websites/backlinks that you need to get rid off.

The tool will help you remove and disavow bad links which will signal Google not to take these links into consideration when ranking your domain.

What is Link Building Tool?

Link building serves two purposes – one from the website aspect and, one from the business aspect.

For the website, as you may have understood by now, link building & blog posts can help with domain authority and SERP ranking.

From the business point of view, link building serves as a sort of PR activity as you create content that gets featured on third party websites.

The Link Building Tool by SEMrush collects a list of link building opportunities for your domain. The tool makes it easy to run a competitive analysis of your SEO rivals and operate an outreach campaign at the same time.

The tool suggests the domains that you should get backlinks from by using several sources of information.

What is Bulk Analysis?

The Bulk Analysis feature on the toolkit is an overview of multiple URLs. You can add up to 200 URLs to check for Domain Authority, Backlink Performance and Categorisation.

You can build an SEO friendly website using Bulk Analysis as it helps aid your content marketing strategy.

Compare up to 200 URLs at once.

This feature works well for comprehensive research and analysis of multiple URLs at one go so you can identify problem areas at a time and start working to fix them all.

Rank Tracking

Google algorithms are forever fluctuating and if you want to keep up, you need to constantly keep a check on your website’s ranking. The best and most SEO optimised content marketing strategy can get you ranked but it doesn’t guarantee that your page will stay there.

Rank tracking allows you to follow and report on the progress of your SEO work.

SEMrush toolkits can help with analysis on:

  • Position Tracking
  • Sensor
  • Ranks

What is Position Tracking?

This feature of the SEMrush Toolkit helps you negate losses and stay on top of your SERPs game! It can help you simultaneously track your website’s search performance on search engines in multiple locations and on different devices.

It also details insightful information about SERP features, finds your local competition and compares your efficiency with up to 20 competitors.

Track up to 10 locations and devices in one place.

What is Sensor?

This tool monitors Google for you so your marketing efforts don’t go down the drain. By regularly monitoring your pages and their rankings on SERPs, the Sensor feature allows you to determine if the industries you operate in are susceptible to change.

Keep an eye on Google SERP volatility across 25 industries in 8 countries.

The Sensor measures volatility on a scale of 0-10. The higher the score, the more fluctuations there are in Google’s algorithms. This means your page/URL is likely to lose its current ranking and you should be constantly watching it to keep it performing well.

ON-Page & Techinical SEO

If your website has broken links, a collapsing architecture, error codes, etc. it is likely that this is holding it back from ranking well on SERPs.

Technical SEO and on-page SEO go hand-in-hand when comes to helping your website rank on SERPs.

Following best practices when writing meta descriptions to line your site up with how Google reads information will help your SEO.

SEMrush toolkits can help with analysis on:

  • Site Audit
  • SEO Content Template
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Log File Analyzer
  • Listing Management

What is Site Audit?

A powerful website crawler, the Site Audit feature on SEMrush’s Toolkit provides advanced features with an SEO friendly interface and intuitive manner.

High-speed powerful crawler with over 120 checks.

It helps resolve issues like duplicate content and broken links, URL structure, internal linking and looks into the analysis of AMPs, HTTPS implementation, correct usage of the hreflang attribute, internal linking, crawlability and indexability.

This tool has the ability to crawl desktop or mobile versions of a website and check up to 20,000 pages per audit (100,000 pages for Business subscriptions). It can be used for anything from a portfolio website to SMB sites, to enterprise businesses and agencies!

What is SEO Content Template?

The kind of content you have on your website impacts your SEO as well. This could be video content, blog posts, or any of your usual content marketing devices.

Generate templates that can help you create SEO friendly content by providing a template of recommendations based on target keywords.

The template generated by SEMrush’s Toolkit comes with recommended text length, readability score, semantically related keywords to include, potential backlink targets and more, so you can get straight to work!

What is an On-Page SEO Checker?

Formerly titled “SEO Ideas” the on-page SEO Checker by SEMrush offers a complete and structured list of things you could do to improve the ranks of pages on your website.

From content structuring ideas that can boost your content marketing strategy to semantically related words to include on your pages, to backlink prospects – the on-page SEO Checker provides a detailed report to help you optimise and improve your website.

7 types of ideas: Great Content, Semantics, Strategy, Backlinks, user experience, SERP features and technical SEO.

Your online presence and visibility can grow manifold with the various suggestions that encompass different aspects of SEO that SEMrush has to offer! Dive in deeper with the help of their detailed User Manual and get cracking on your fool-proof SEO Strategy.

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