Major Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

Major Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

Major Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

If you are looking for ways to boost your online business, a major step is to ensure that your website appears in the top five options whenever a relevant web search is made. To make this happen, you need to regularly haul your websites in order to be in sync with the latest Google Algorithm specifications.

Here are the major Google Algorithm updates happened in 2018 that you should be aware of:

“Medic” Core Update

This update’s impact was felt the most on August 1, 2018 mostly by YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites – websites that have a direct influence on the customer’s money or life, like health or medical sites, insurance sites, etc. After the update, sites that were once top-ranking came down due to reasons like:

  • lack of an ‘About’ page;
  • negligible links to validate the site’s external reputation; and
  • claiming treatment guarantees without proper scientific backing.
    Instead indigenous and small-scale websites achieved a better ranking, especially the ones that had the following –
  • Information provided directly by reputed professionals (doctors, etc.)
  • The tone of being more of an information portal rather than a blatant online shop selling products.

In short, back your website content with authoritativeness to improve your QR or Quality Ranking.

Security Update

Activated since July 24, 2018, the security update meant that the more your website provided a proof (SSL certification) with regards to the protection of the customer’s personal information, the better your ranking.

Mobile Speed Update

Enforced since July 9, 2018, now even mobile phone versions of websites will be judged on the amount of time they take to open. The faster your webpages open on the mobile phone, the better your QR. Although in a few cases even slow pages can get a fair ranking in case the content provided is highly relevant to the search made.

Mobile-First Index Roll-out

Has your website been experiencing a low-ranking despite following all the search-engine related QR norms and parameters? It may be because your website is not mobile-friendly and is only desktop-friendly. As per the mobile-first index update, only those websites that are mobile phone compatible shall be given a higher ranking even while displaying results on the desktop. The update came into being on March 26, 2018.

Video Carousels (June 14, 2018):

This update means that even though a video might not make much sense to your website content, having one on any or all of your webpages in connection with your products/ services can improve your QR.

With these updates listed down, we’re sure we’ve made you a checklist to ensure that your website does well. While some of these updates may seem unfair they have been successfully implemented and have made a significant difference to how people surf the net.
The key to success in life is to embrace the process of learning and unlearning. Similarly, the code for a successful online business is updating and reprogramming your search engine marketing tactics.
Go ahead and revamp your business with the above mentioned Google Algorithm updates and let us know if you need a hand!
TNBT is always ready to help.

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