Facebook Advertising Guide 2019

Facebook Advertising Guide 2019

Facebook Advertising Guide 2019

What allows you to publicize your company and its products/services? What is that medium that helps you highlight your merchandise’s USP to the people? What is that activity which helps persuade your audience to buy your product? It is advertising. But apart from conventional marketing, how crucial is social media advertising and Facebook advertising in particular? Let’s find out.

Why social media advertising?

“Advertising is the very essence of democracy.” This is rightly observed by Anton Chekov because it’s only advertising that helps you to communicate with your existing and potential clients. With the advent of social media, advertising is now truly democratic. You not only get to advertise directly in an informal and more personal tone but even the audience can get back to you, instantly! It’s only social media that provides your customers with the comments and direct message (DM) options with which they can personally put across their opinions, feedback and queries.

Why Facebook advertising?

Did you know that, in the world, Facebook is the third most-visited website while the Facebook app is one of the most downloaded mobile applications? This means that daily millions of people spend a large amount of their time on Facebook, including your target audience. That is why Facebook is one of the sure short places where you can literally get in touch with your prospective customers. A Facebook advertisement is more likely to effectively attract the attention and retention of your audience because often people use FB when they are free and relaxed. What are the major Facebook advertising methods?

Creating a Facebook Page:

The first step towards Facebook advertising is to create an official FB Page on the name of your enterprise. A Facebook Page serves the purpose of a website for your company but only a more interactive and customer-oriented one. Its cost-effectiveness is highlighted with the fact that about 80 million SMEs (Small and Medium scale Enterprises) have an FB Page. Apart from posting about your products and engaging with users, the FB page can be successfully used to build your brand image –

  • You can post news pieces concerning your company;
  • Post tutorial videos of your products if you have some;
  • Share links or posts (from other sources) that are compatible with and complementary to your line of work and company’s vision, respectively.

Amazingly, once users like your page, they automatically get to see your post on their newsfeed without having to physically go to your page.

Creating Ad Account:

After creating the FB page you can now open an ad account for that page which allows you to make systematic and customised payments to Facebook so that Facebook itself can help in promoting or sponsoring your page/ posts. This leads to improving your reach and on online presence. Your posts and page are displayed in the newsfeed of those new yet relevant users who haven’t liked your page as yet. Automatically, it increases the number of your customers, website clicks and app installation count.
So, what are you waiting for? Go online and get your business in line.

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